Based on a solid project track record and our people, SOUTH OFFSHORE holds a strong expertise in subsea & topside activities.

From engineering to operations & commissioning, South Offshore manages all project activities in the following areas:

Deep Water Fields

  • Jumpers & Flying Leads Installation
  • Structure lifting & installation (Manifolds, FLET, Suction anchor, mooring chain)

Shallow Water

  • Export Buoy System (towing, buoy and flexible change-out, maintenance).
  • Flexible & Cable Laying
  • Cathodic Protection Deployment (Current Monitoring via ROV deployed sensor)

Contracting Approaches

We aim to manage risks, innovate and perform.
Contracting methodologies ranging from:
  • Lump Sum
  • Frame Agreements (Engineerings services...)
  • Reimbursable

Topside/Platform works

  • I-Tubes Installation - 100% Diver Less
  • Patented Smart Clamps and Procedure
  • Offshore Lifting
  • Structures & Equipment
  • Inspection, surveys
  • Decommissioning (I-Tubes, Flexibles, Cables, etc…)
  • Gangways, Boat landings, etc


The following skills sets are available for use as standalone services, or in support of full scale EPCI projects.

Based on a solid project track record and our people, SOUTH-OFFSHORE holds a strong expertise in Subsea & Topside activities.

Depending on customers’ needs, Research & Development can be carried out to solve solutions.  A number of patents have already been granted on our Smart Clamps for example.

Turnkey Project Management

South Offshore has the skills, systems and experiences to deliver projects ranging from few thousand to multi-million USD projects.  The teams objectives are:
  • Risk mitigation
  • Budget controls
  • On time & Safe delivery
  • Quality and No Defect Achievements

Offshore Construction & Installation

  • Preparatory Work
  • Topside Modifications
  • Subsea Construction
  • Critical Offshore Lifts
  • Critical Path Shut Down

In-House Engineering

South Offshore has the engineering teams and tools to deliver a diverse range of project phases: Conceptual, FEED or Basic, Detailed Engineering, Project Execution.
Our technical staff have the competencies and the experience to provide the following engineering services:
  • Design Engineering (Permanent Equipment, Installation Aids…)
  • Structural Engineering (static & dynamic)
  • Installation Analysis (Orcaflex)
  • Installation Engineering
  • Civil, Piping Engineering

Onshore Operations

  • Preparatory Works
  • Mobilisation & Demobilisation
  • Load-Out & Critical Lifts
  • System Integration Tests

Subcontract and Procurement

Most of South Offshore projects are carried out through lump sum approaches.  Therefore subcontractors are carefully selected and supervised to protect projects interests.
  • Installation Vessels
  • Barges, Diving Contractors, Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Logistics - Out Country
  • Permanent & Temporary Equipment

Construction & Fabrication

  • Permanent equipment
  • Installation aids
  • Lifting equipment
  • Patented Smart Tools


South Offshore keeps investmenting & developing its assets.

We provide rental equipment for subsea or topside applications, among others:

Flexible & Electrical Cable Laying Equipment

  • Reel Drive System c/w HPU
  • Chute
  • Abandonment and Recovery winches
  • Sheave blocks
  • Out rigger

Lifting Equipment

  • Portable Offshore Crane c/w HPU and frame clamping devices
  • Winches and miscellaneous construction rigging

Offshore Operations Equipment

  • Offshore certified baskets and containers
  • Water bags
  • Winches, rigging etc...

ROV & Diving Tools

  • ROV Hooks, Shackles
  • ROV Cutter, “Super Grinder”, Cleaner
  • ROV Fast Torque, Hydratight Tensioning Devices
  • Impact wrenches, hydraulic drilling machine c/w magnetic support frame
  • ROV Electrical current flow meter for cathodic protection (CP) measurements

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