SOUTH OFFSHORE is an oil & gas integrated services provider specialized in subsea engineering, procurement, construction, subsea inspection, repair, maintenance and installation. 

As an EPCI Contractor, SOUTH OFFSHORE delivers turnkey projects for subsea and topside activities.

South Offshore always strive for Cost Effectiveness, an Innovative Spirit and Collaborative Approaches with our Customers. South Offshore highest standards of Safety and Quality have been delivered numerous times to the satisfaction of major oil& gas operators.
Since its inception in 2010, South Offshore, led by an experienced team, has grown and developed its skills and now enjoys a reputation for its innovation and professionalism. 


« Our aim is to deliver innovative, safe and cost effective solutions to meet our customers’ challenges »

Ovidiu Guran, CEO and Founder

Project foundation based on a strong Engineering Expertise & Innovation

Patented technologies developed for subsea challenges (Ex: Deployment of diver less technology to mitigate man diving intervention…).
Perfect knowledge of oil & gas major company specifications, constraints, fields operations HSE, Planning, Project Management…
Innovation culture: with a fresh-look, we reinvent practices in order to deliver innovative and efficient solutions.
Flexible and agile: specific constraints & challenges.

Built a strong Partnership with Clients established on a win/win thinking.

Deploying smart & effective technologies to fit Customers’ needs.
Capacity to manage Fast Track projects.
Local Presence: Team established close to Customers and project location.
From design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, testing, to the installation campaign, deliver turnkey projects for our Customers.

Performance and Cost-Effectiveness: Deliver the best technical offer at the best price

“Good Enough” solution: Provide the best combination of technical, cost effective and time to respond Customer’s challenges.
We own fixed assets but deliberately go to the market to find the best technical vessels at the best price.
A continuous investment and development of our expertises & standards.

Safety / Quality

Health Safety & Environment : ‘’One team No boundaries’’.
Safety is a core value among our organisation.
Quality (Delivery on time, no defect and compliance with client’s requirements. Continuous improvement to maintain the highest standards)


Safety, more than a priority, a core value.

At South Offshore we are convinced our projects can be delivered without injuring anyone, through a collective effort, engagement at all levels, with our subcontractors, and through the effective use of our HSE management systems.
The HSEQ performance is an absolute key objective in delivering outstanding services and products to its customers.
South Offshore key values evolve around:
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Sustainability
  • Support to our communities


SOUTH OFFSHORE was the first and remains the only subsea EPCI contractor in Congo.  Our training policy has clearly been based on the possibility for local people to improve their competency in subsea and topside projects (engineering, project management, logistics…).

We are also convinced that management and team shall be close geographically to client and project location for several reasons:
  • Establishment of a strong relationship/collaboration with clients;
  • Better knowledge of local industry (subcontractor/partner, logistic…);
  • Better knowledge of country and clients site constraints;
  • Better flexibility/adaptability of project team during execution phase.