Centralizer Clamp for Conductor Guide

Patented Technology – ROV and Diving Friendly

Due to wave and current, the conductor guide design can sometimes affect the safety of the platform if it allows excessive movement and vibration of the x-mas tree/conductor pipe which cause fatigue and damage on pipe. Centralizer Clamp solves this problem and enables platforms to be operated in a safe and normal mode.

Retrofit System
The system can be installed on new or existing Facilities. Additional Engineering will be performed to adapt clamp system to specific constraints of facilities/platforms.

ROV and Diving Friendly System
Thanks to its design, South Offshore’s Clamp can be installed in splash zone or subsea by ROV or Divers, in a safe / Easy /Cost- effective and proper way.
The system is developed to ease the installation operations thanks to several South Offshore’s patented concepts (Smart Clamp with easy closing system,etc)

Adjustable System
The permanent system is able to compensate the gap between the casing and the conductor guide in order to avoid the movement between the two items. This Gap will be compensated thanks to adjustable wedges (by ROV or Divers) which can be adjusted later at any time if necessary.

Moreover, each wedge is actioned individually, whatever can be the gap the vertical movement of the wedge will ensure the adjustment

Cathodic Protection
Design allows to include on clamp system its own cathodic protection